What Classifies As Street Furniture?

Street furniture can be described as a set of items that add color to the overall street and square landscape. If you reside in a town or a city, you would see many street furniture on the roadsides for various social gatherings and environmental functions. In this article, we will discuss all street furniture in detail.

What are the types of street furniture?

There are three broad categories of street furniture, which are listed below:

  • The highways: You would find the highway street furniture by the sides of a highway. For example,
  • Bollards- Street bollards were initially introduced to protect the pavements and the allied buildings from carriages. With time, these pieces of furniture became stronger and can withstand greater impact. 
  • Traffic Signals- One of the most abundantly found street furniture is the traffic signal that helps control the traffic of a road.
  • Shelters- These can be described as covered walkways to various public buildings. It improves the square’s overall aesthetics along with protecting the pedestrian from sunlight, rain, etc.
  • Street Lighting- Walking on roads during the dark hours is no more an issue due to this piece of street furniture called the street lights.
  • Public Utilities: This set of street furniture is made for the safety, convenience, and comfort of the people walking on the road. It includes:
  • Litter bins- Littering on the road is a bad habit, and the tool that helps you avoid it is the litter bins. They are present on every street corner so that you can put the wastes there.
  • Seating- The seating bench or chair is present at the roadside or inside a public park, for people to wait there or take some rest from their journey.
  • Drinking fountain- These are generally present in the middle of a public square and are designed to improve the place’s aesthetics. Thirsty pedestrians can have a sip of clean water from these fountains for free.
  • Communication: These are the street furniture that is designed in a way that would help people to communicate with one another. The communication street furniture consists of:
  • Post-boxes- If you love writing letters to your loved ones, you would be able to post-boxes. 
  • Sign-postage- From important notices to essential road signs, you would find it all at the corner of a roadside on a sign-postage. It is a traditional way of informing the people on the road about various things around.
  • Telephone kiosk- If you wish to call anyone while on the road, the classic telephone box or kiosk can prove to be helpful.

These are some of the most famous street furniture that you would easily see around on any roadside. They add color to the whole backdrop and make your life on the road convenient.

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