Ways to wear your jewellery on your wedding day
Ways to wear your jewellery on your wedding day

There are few days of the year when one can dress up and enjoy getting ready. One such day is the wedding day. Even if there is a wedding in the family, it is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your lovely traditional jewellery. It is the day when the family heirlooms finally see the light of day and the sparkling jewellery and glittering dresses make the whole wedding look like a magical place.

If it is your wedding, then you are not only allowed to but expected to be a shimmering queen. The bridal jewellery and bridal dress outshine the sun and stand out. Bridal jewellery is a personal choice and it can be what you want it to be. Various jewellery can be worn depending on which region or community you belong to. Let us look at some jewellery tips that might be helpful.

  1. Choker necklace – Choker necklace can be a sleek and slim one or a broad one that can go from your neck to the neckline of your dress. The bigger and more flashy ones look regal and eye-catching. However, the scope to reuse these after your wedding is very low. They might not be the appropriate jewellery to wear at someone else’s wedding.
  2. Temple jewellery – This type of jewellery refers to the specific craftsmanship of the jewellery, which includes gods and goddesses in various forms. The size and designs of this jewellery vary and traditionally it was embedded with precious stones. This type of jewellery can go from an understated ring to a bold necklace. This can be used later for occasions and festivals.
  3. Kundan jewellery – This type of jewellery includes the purest form of gold with precious or semi-precious gemstones. This type of jewellery is extremely famous due to its shiny appeal. The designs and this form of jewellery have been around for centuries. The craftsmanship for this type of jewellery is best appreciated on bigger pieces like chandelier earrings and necklaces.
  4. Layered – A lot of communities believe in wearing a copious amount of gold on the wedding day. One of the best ways to achieve this and maintain the functionality of the jewellery pieces is by layering the jewellery carefully. Different lengths of necklaces with about one centimeter’s space between the two ensure that there is no overlap and each necklace is admired for its unique beauty. This way each necklace can be worn separately as a daily use gold necklace
  5. Rings and anklets -The traditional rings and anklets are generally designed in a way that they can be repurposed. The rings can be used as cocktail rings and can be paired with western outfits as well. The anklets can be worn with simple cotton dresses or maxi dresses to add a quirky touch.
  6. Maang tikkas – This is worn on the head and numerous variations look beautiful when paired with earrings and a bridal dress. These can be made of pearls, Kundan, gold, or diamonds too.

Bridal jewellery should be a reflection of your personality. It is one of the day most important days of your life and you deserve to enjoy dressing up the way you wish to. You get to realize the dream of being the best version of yourself on this day!

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